Web Design: Picking the right and best web fonts

website-designChoosing your web fonts properly should be one of the major concerns you should look after when it comes to web designing, since font styles are the ones that present the whole aesthetic of the print design of your web. When it comes to selecting the best web fonts for your website, you have to consider the compatibility, load time and the purpose.  Below are six helpful tips on how to choose and use the perfect web fonts that are suitable for your web design.

  1. Be meticulous- Always choose the typeface that is suitable or which goes well for your content and compatible also for a web-ready according to its context. Keep in mind to be selective in your fonts because they are the “apple of the viewer’s eyes” when they will visit your website.
  2. Be experimental- Never be afraid to take on a challenge. Keep on testing and testing different kinds of fonts to give yourself an idea of how it will look on different browsers and platforms.
  3. Size matters- How big or small should your web fonts look like? Well, it still depends on what kind of browser or platform are being used. But when it comes to the titles or headings, it should be large, but not too big since it is the first thing that a viewer gets the first attention when visiting the website.
  4. Color combination- Just like an artist uses balance when it comes to mixing colors for his artwork, in web designing color combination, should also be focused especially on applying it to the web fonts. The contrast is needed to rest assure that your fonts are readable and do not create an eye sore to the viewers. Most web designers would suggest using black colored fonts webdesignblueon a white background and white texts for black background. In other words, if your background is darker, the web font colors should be lighter while the lighter your background is then, the darker should be your choice of colors. When it comes to designing, always be aware of the text contrast.
  5. Search for suggestions- Got a little stuck up or confused already? Don’t stress yourself too much. One of the great things that Google fonts has to offer is it permits the user to check out font combinations and also gives font suggestions. Don’t feel ashamed in doing this because it is a great help, especially if you are still kicking off a huge start on web designing.
  6. Be mindful on load times- Some users are not all the time patient, so if your fonts load slow, then expect that you will lose a few or hopefully not a ton of visitors on your website. No matter how great the typeface looks on your site, if it slows down then it still defeats the purpose of making your site a user-friendly one. When selecting the typeface, remember to test also its speed. One tip on how to make it load effectively is to use a limited number of typefaces. Another is to be selective in only a few fonts which you want to have it Lastly, be mindful on the different languages too.

When choosing web fonts, it can feel fulfilling after the long process and very exciting when it is ready to use. At the end of this article, you can either try testing out your web fonts, but at the same time, never be afraid to ask for help in times of confusion.

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